Bulldog Dog House: Insulated VS Indoor

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Indoor Dog House

If you wanted to maintain a close connection with your dog then you might want to consider an indoor dog house. This is most appropriate for those who have a medium-sized dog like bulldog. Indoor dog houses are not quite popular and may be the last option for dog owners. This is convenient for those pet owners who would rather want their dog in the same house than outside it. Some owners might not see how this may benefit them but in reality, there are numerous advantages that indoor dog house beds can give to the master and the pet.


This pertains to a lot of factors. Indoor dog houses not only provide a safe environment to the dog but for the visitors as well. Think about it, if you own a dog that is very much aggressive and tends to pounce on every stranger he or she sees, then that person might be in grave danger. With an indoor dog house, you wouldn’t need to worry about your dog attacking a friend or a neighbour. Before your pet can get a smack on it, you have them under your command.


If are about to refurnish your home, it is best to keep your dogs away from what you are doing especially if this is about to endanger them. Waxing your floors or painting are just some of the few things that you might want to protect your dogs from.

Place to Recover

Dogs are also creatures that can get sick and needs intensive rest to regain their strength. If your dog has experienced severe illness for the past few days and the vet has advised to keep him in an environment where he can gain absolute rest, then the indoor dog house is just right for this kind of situation.

Training Years

If you just got your dog from a pet store, most likely your new pet still needs training. While on the process of teaching your dog how to follow your commands, it is best that you keep him inside your house to avoid any occurrences of your pup jumping on every human being he sees. This will also avoid the chances of your dog getting lost once outside the house. City pound officials are very keen in taking dogs wandering around.

One thing to consider when purchasing an indoor dog house is the size of it. You have to be particular on the measurement of your pet so as not to buy an indoor dog house that is too big or too small for your best friend.

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Insulated Dog House

Regardless of the size and breed of your pooch, a dog house is a place for your pet to feel safe and comfortable in his own territory. An insulated dog house does exactly that. Pet owners who purchase or make their own dog houses for their pet normally forget to consider the aspect of insulation.

Insulate to Protect

You might be wondering why the need for insulation. Insulation helps control the temperature inside the dog house. It gives your pet protection from coldness in winter and intense heat during summer. Regardless of the size and coat of your dog, he will need that comfort inside his home. More importantly for smaller dogs, insulation plays a big role in keeping them safe in extreme weather conditions. Smaller dogs are closer to the ground and insulation inside his home keeps him comfortable while harsh conditions are experienced outside. And insulated dog house is not only for outdoor use. Even indoor, your pooch might experience discomfort from the heating or air conditioning inside your place. The right level of warm and cold for you can be different for him. Having his own insulated dog house gives your pet a place stable temperature that is comfortable for him.

Adding the Extra

There are some who live in areas experiencing extreme climate conditions that put in additional effort in keeping their dogs comfortable. This is done by placing heating and air conditioning units in the dog house. These are small units that are operated by an on/off switch with no need for thermostats and are quite easy to use. A hose it attached to the unit to provide the needed air, warm air for heating units and air from Freon compressor in the air conditioning unit. However, some opt to just provide a regular air circulation inside the dog house to cool the place.

Getting a dog house for your pet is not just finding the right size. Other factors like your dogs activity and weather conditions must also be considered. Remember that a dog house has to give your pet safety and comfort. So before you purchase your dog house, think about all the issues that your pet might encounter to find the perfect dog house for him – and get him an insulated dog house.