Secrets To Dog Training Review

Top Bulldog Obedience Training Product

Secrets to Dog Training is an incredibly and thorough guide to how to prevent and deal with all of the common problem behaviors exhibited by Bulldogs. Iíve spent lots of time browsing the internet for the best Bulldog training resources, and I have to say that the level of detail and knowledge contained within this extensive manual is incredible. In addition to the fantastic manual, there is also an easy to follow downloadable video that provides examples of bad dog behavior, and offers solutions to fix them. The downloadable video gives a fascinating insight into how dogís try to become the alpha dog of the pack, and how you go about preventing this. Its step by step advice on how to stop bad behaviors such as leash pulling, as well as how to housebreak a new dog, are very simple easy to implement straight away.

The information contained is incredibly reliable. Written by an experienced professional dog trainer (Daniel Stevens), you can rest assured that all the tips and advice given are tried and tested, and come from Daniel Stevens real-life experiences as a professional dog trainer.

A very impressive range of information is contained within this guide. The book begins with advice for new dog owners (e.g. how to choose a puppy or dog, top places to get a dog from, dog breed info, how to dog-proof your house, choosing a vet, house training etc) and then progresses on to cover more advanced topics, such as dog behavioral problems (e.g. aggression, biting, barking, dominance, chewing, digging, separation anxiety, and many more), obedience commands, common dog health problems (allergies, fleas etc), and also includes many advanced level commands.

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As well as the contents I have listed above, thereís also an impressive section on dog whispering. Dog whispering (if you havenít heard of it already) is a method of dog obedience training that is based on clear communication and respect between dog and owner. It has been popularized over recent years and is becoming a popular method for disciplining and training dogs. In Secrets to Dog Training's dedicated dog whispering section Daniel Stevens explains the technique, how to use voice and body language to your advantage, and how dog whispering can correct your dogs problems. Step by step instructions are included for all common dog commands (e.g. sit, stay, down, come etc).

Overall, Secrets To Dog Training makes for very interesting reading, and after trying out all of the techniques contained within the manual and video, I was amazed at how effective they were. The manual itself costs $39.95. For this price, you get a comprehensive manual on training your dog, preventing and dealing with behavioral problems, as well as loads of general knowledge, tips, and advice. This comprehensive guide comes very highly recommended.


In addition to the manual and video, by purchasing Secrets To Dog Training, you also get loads of practical bonuses. These include four ebooks dealing with advanced house training (including both the crate- and paper-training methods), a detailed study on how to stop dog aggression, effective dog grooming (including info on coat care for different dog breeds, dental care, and nail clipping instruction), and how to train your dog as a guard/security dog.

Another incredibly useful free bonus is the personal consultation with the Kingdom of Pets team. If you have an issue with your dog and would like some specific advice, you can send them an email and receive a thorough reply packed with expert advice and practical tips specially geared to your particular problem.

Secrets to Dog Training In A Nutshell

Altogether, Iím very impressed with Secrets To Dog Training. I have owned dogs my whole life, and I believe that I was more knowledgeable that most dog owners on the topic of dog obedience training. Having said that, Iíve learned so much since reading this manual. I have probably learned more in the past few months using the Secrets To Dog Training manual, video, and bonuses than I have in a lifetime of trial and error and reading numerous other books on the topic.

The majority of the dog obedience training techniques presented are refreshingly common-sense, although some of the more advanced methods require a little more effort (e.g. dog whispering). That said, all of the information contained within Secrets To Dog Training yield pretty dramatic behavioral results. I liked the fact than more than one training technique is described for each problem, allowing readers to pick and choose techniques that best suit their individual dogs. At $39.99 Secrets To Dog Training represents exceptional value for money, and is also backed up by a 60 day full money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with it. This gives customers real piece of mind and makes the purchase 100% risk free.

I have no problem recommending this product to anyone who owns (or is thinking about owning) a dog. Even if your dog is fairly well behaved, the information included in Secrets To Dog Training will still be very useful. Highly Recommended!

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