Stop Bulldog Barking

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While Bulldogs are not considered to be big barkers compared to other dog breeds, barking can sometimes become a problem. While occasional targeted Bulldog barking can be a good thing (such as when an intruder approaches), when the barking becomes excessive it can be a big source of anguish for bulldog owners. If your Bulldog wont stop barking, try not to panic or get too stressed. Excessive barking is a fairly common problem faced by dog owners and can be solved by implementing bulldog training. The key to solving bulldog barking is to find the root cause of the barking and implement a course of stop bulldog barking training.

Dogs bark for a variety of different reasons. Some of the most common causes of barking include territory and pack defence, confinement, boredom, barking in protest, and barking for attention. Bulldogs generally bark in response to a stimulus such as a stranger, car, or other dog passing by or approaching the house or family. The good news is that bulldogs are not prone to excessive barking so by tackling your bulldog barking problems you will not be fighting against your dogs inherent nature. None of the causes of excessive bulldog barking are difficult to overcome if you can highlight the cause of your dogs barking and work to eliminate it by implementing proven bulldog training techniques.

In order to stop bulldog barking, I recommend that you consider implementing the following proven strategies:

Begin implementing bulldog barking training as possible. Dogs that bark all the time often do so because they believe that they are the pack leader and re responsible for guarding the family group and its territory from potential dangers, such as intruders. Your dog needs to be put in its place and understand that they are not the pack leader, you are. The best way to achieve this is by implementing bulldog training from a young age.

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While I understand that owning a dog that barks excessively can be incredibly stressful, I recommend that you avoid loosing your temper with your dog. The biggest mistake dog owners make when trying to tackle barking problems is to get stressed out, loose their temper, and yell at their dogs. Your dog interprets your shouting and yelling noise as you joining in the barking. This reinforcing your dogs perception of themselves as the leader of the pack, and inevitably leads to even more barking. After all, your dog barked first and you joined in and therefore backed them up. If your bulldog is perpetually barking and yelping for attention and you yell back at them, you are also reinforcing the attention seeking behavior.

Stop Bulldog barking training takes time to implement and see results as you have to discover the root cause of the barking, and then change the way that your dog responds and behaves. In the meantime, a quick fix is to remove the stimulus or remove your bulldog from the situation causing them to bark. In order to remove the stimulus, try to stop your dog from accessing good vantage points such as sofas and chairs nears windows.

To solve barking problems that stem from loneliness and boredom I recommend avoiding leaving your dog alone for extended periods of time. Loneliness, confinement, and boredom are the most common causes of territorial barking as well as barking for attention. I recommend that you spend as much time as possible with your dog and consistently implement training and give your bulldog plenty of exercise. While it may be impossible for you to not to leave your bulldog alone from time to time, try to minimize this time as much as possible to prevent your dog from becoming bored and lonely.

There are some very useful dog training tools available that may help you to stop bulldog barking. Among the most useful are electric and citronella collars. Electric bark collars give your dog mild electric shocks when they bark, while citronella collars work by spraying citronella at your dogs nose whenever they start barking. Many dog owners have seen good results by incorporating these tools in to their bulldog training efforts, however they may not be appropriate for your situation so I recommend trying without special collars before shelling out money unnecessarily.

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I hope that this article has helped you to understand why bulldogs bark, as well as what you can do to solve the problem. For more in-depth advice about how to stop bulldog barking I recommend that you check out the Recommended Products section and purchase a good dog training guide. The free Bulldog Obedience Training Newsletter series also contains more detailed advice about how to stop bulldog barking as well as a host of other bulldog problems.