The Ultimate Dog House Training Guide Review

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The Ultimate Dog House Training Guide by Mark Edwards provides a comprehensive overview of what is arguably the most common and frustrating issue faced by dog owners: dog house training.

As the title suggests, every aspect of dog house training is covered, using easy to understand English. I like the conversational tone of the book and found it to be a bit like having a friendly conversation with a dog behavior expert. Mark Edwards is indeed an expert (a very experienced veterinarian) and this clearly shines through in the book.

The Ultimate Guide To Dog House Training is informative and commonsensical. There are no gimmicky or illogical recommendations, and all of the topics are comprehensively covered. The book is packed with sound practical advice and all of the information is laid out in a very logical, easily understood format (no confusing terminology is used) and it proceeds in a logical step by step progression.

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The book begins with a quick section on the essential tools for house training, along with advice on how to keep calm through the house training process. The book then gets straight to the heart of the subject matter.

Mark presents 3 different training methods (paper-training, crate-training, and the direct method), and includes a section for older dogs as well as one for puppies for each method. Next, the most common house training problems are dealt with. A massive variety of problems are covered, from territorial marking and aggression to poop-eating. Each problem comes with a real-life case study, which helps put the information into context.

The next sections deal with health related problems including a section on congenital (from birth) problems and a section on diseases. This is followed by a further section that deals with other problems related to house training, such as inappropriate outdoor defecation, and lawn burn from urine. Finally, there is a section entitled "Top Ten Tips for hassle-free house training", which essentially pulls all the information in the book together by providing a recap of the most practical tips and useful nuggets of knowledge for your dog's house training.

In addition to the topics detailed above, there are also lots of helpful extras to make the house training process as easy as possible. These include training checklists, important doís and doníts, as well as how to appropriately deal with any accidents that arise. The Ultimate House Training Guide also comes with a free email consultation with the Kingdom of Pets team of house training experts. This is particularly useful for resolving any specific issues that you are having with your dog.

Overall I highly recommend The Ultimate Guide To Dog House Training. The information is detailed, easy to understand and take in, and above all its good quality advice from a renowned expert. The book costs just $19.99 representing excellent value for money, and can be instantly downloaded (no waiting for the postman here). It is also backed up by a full 60 day money back guarantee, making purchase completely risk free. If you are not completely happy with it, just email them for a refund.

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